I bought the boys a ten dollar sprinkler.  Loved it.  Bear cried because the water was cold, but after a few minutes and blue lips, he got over it.  Mega loved it, even though he was shivering.  It’s 75 today, but I guess because I used the well water and the ground isn’t 75, the water was pretty frigid.  We came in and I gave the boys a warm bath.  Bear passed out after I put him in his onesie and sang to him.  Mega is laying in my bed watching The Backyardigans*.  He’s doin’ the winkin’, blinkin’, nod thing, so perhaps he’ll take a nap today, too! 

   Anywho, as I was bathing the boys, Bear kept sayin, "One peenwer.  One peenwer."  I thought he was saying, "Want penis," because he likes to play with himself when he’s bathing or when I give him the minute to "air out" while changing his diaper.  I told him it wasn’t appropriate about a million times before Mega said, "No, Mommy.  He wants to play in the spweenk’wer."  Well now I just feel like a huge perv.  Way to go, Mom!  I try to wipe the shocked look off my face, but ended up laughing my ass off because as I am trying to regain my composure, Bear looks at me like, "GEEE-ZUSS woman!  What the hell did you think I was saying?!"  Poor kid.  No wonder he waited so long to start talking – he knew his thick-headed momma wouldn’t get it anyway.  My bad, Bear.  My bad. 

*I hear ya’ – Mother of the Year.  I totally caved about the TV thing.  It’s still isn’t an every day thing, but some days, it’s the only way I can get Mega to stop moving for a few minutes.  While I love that he is active, I don’t love it all that much when Bear is taking a nap and I can’t get 2 minutes to put the clothes in the freaking dryer or pee without a little fist pounding on the door or chug a glass of wine have a glass of water or just hear myself finish a thought!  FOR CRYING OUT LOUD HERE!!  Oh…  I mean…  It’s a nice break once in a while.  And I’ve watched the Backyardigans a time or two…  They aren’t horrible.  I can stand them and the Wonder Pets and that’s about it.  Whatever.  I could be planting him in front of the TV for 2+ hours per day, right?  Right…  (And if I keep telling myself that, some day, just maybe some day, I will stop kicking my own ass for letting my 3 year old watch TV occasionally.)