Trouble making ends meet

Times are tight in Casa de Tres Ellos.  It seems we’re not the only ones feeling the squeeze, either.  If gas hits $4.00 per gallon, we will literally be chained to the house – not even our free play groups will be an option with DH’s commute being almost 80 miles per day.  If grain and dairy keep rising the way they do, we will be forced back into being a Hamburger Helper family, too.  I was rather proud of us for ridding our cupboards of the meals-in-a-box.  I enjoy making things from ingredients, rather than combining pouches.  But seriously, it is more expensive and we jumped from an average of $125.00 for two weeks to $150.00 for two weeks without changing a thing.  $50.00 per month is a huge deal to this single-income family!  After that last $416.97 bill from our gas, water, and sewage company, I can’t even begin to express my gratitude that all of our appliances in the new house are electric, though I know electric rates go up a bit in the summer, too. 

Single-income families are put in a very tight spot.  How much is too much to give up to stay home with your children?  Why should I be forced into a job I have no love for simply to pay a sitter and put gas in the car to go to and from my new job?  I don’t like that the overall economy is deciding for me.  There are many, many contributing factors, I know, but The Force damn it all!  This is insane…  I went from paying $2.25 for a gallon of milk to $3.50 (commissary) – $4.89 (grocery store).  INSANE.  Did cows become scarce?  Did pastuerization become a lost art?  WTF…  Once we get DH’s new work schedule all figured out, it looks like yours truly will enter the poor job market and work part-time, thus eliminating much of the joy of DH finally getting shore duty after 5 long years away from home…  This blows.