I planted flowers today.  Yes, the girl who can’t even keep a household ivy plant alive planted flowers…  I don’t know if I did it right, or if they will live, let alone come back next year (we bought annuals), but I at least got them planted.  I let Mega pick them out.  We met our neighbors last night and she was tending her flower boxes, and it got Mega all kinds of excited.  I told him we could plant some of our own, even though Mommy isn’t very good at that sort of thing.

          When he woke up this morning, he asked if we could go get the flowers today and since I had planned to shop for a mower anyway, I agreed.  We went to Wally World and I let him pick out 3 kinds.  He picked dahlias and petunias – purple and pink.  The other plant I finally planted is phlox, which our realtor gave us with our house warming basket.  I planted those in the back, since the little tag said "Sun Annual."  That’s really the only spot in the yard that gets any thing you could even consider full sun.  Bear kept pointing to the impatiens, and I thought it only fair that he get to pick at least one.  Besides, those are "shade annuals," so maybe they have a better chance of surviving in our sun-starved yard. 

          As I started planting my neat little rows, I noticed Bear is very interested in the blossoms.  I chuckle and keep digging my little holes, adding the moist root clumps, and topping off with planting soil.  I get through about 2 more clumps of roots when I realize that Bear isn’t helping me at all.  He’s actually plucking the flowers.  To redeem himself, he quickly thrusts his gathered bunch my face and exclaims, "Pitty!  Pitty Mommy!"  He picked flowers for his mommy…  How sweet…  I tried to smile graciously, take them and explain that these pretty flowers were only for looking, not picking.  He eyed me like I was some sort of strange bug and went to pick another one, shaking his head, "No, pitty!"  Apparently, he only thinks flowers are pretty when freshly picked.  *sigh*

          All in all, I don’t think I did too shabby a job.  How hard can it be?  I mean, you just dig a hole and put the little plastic pot doo-dad in the hole right?  Kidding…  I did gently pull the flowers and their roots from the little plastic tray before I planted them.  Now I know some of you will never believe I did this.  Between the dirt, bugs, direct sunlight (which we all know, makes vampires such as myself steam and hiss and turn to dust!), and just overall lack of gardening know-how, you’re probably thinking I am either a complete liar, or that I paid someone.  You’re wrong on both counts, I assure you.  For better or worse, this little patch of half-picked Heaven was all me.








The little garden that could…

I will probably plant the impatiens tomorrow.  I have a blister that needs tendin’.