Mitch Albom has impressed me.  I thought it was sort of chick-lit when I first read his work, but the more I marinate with my thoughts, the more I think even the stoniest-faced of men could be moved if they read For One More Day or Five

          Five is about a life in review.  When you get to heaven, 5 people await your arrival.  These 5 people explain your life.  The explanation is what gives you the peace of Heaven.  Eddie, the main character, has 5 people that he might not necessarily have chosen when asked who he thought could or would best explain the things that he felt most affected his life…  When I first started thinking about it, I don’t think I would have chosen the right people, either.

          I thought about who my five would be if I died tomorrow.  My first thoughts were that I would see at least one doula client, one of my sons, my husband, my grandmother, and one of my best friends.  But after reading, and thinking, the one only of those I think would still be amongst my five is Gram.  I have no idea who my other 4 would be.  I don’t even know who I’d want to see most.  I don’t WANT to see my babies because I’d like to think that they know I did the best I could.  I don’t want to see DH because then he would be dead, too.  At this point in my life, I have only 3 questions I’d like answered.  I don’t know that anyone could ever answer them in a manner that would give me peace, but if Gram could tell me why she died, I think I could accept whatever came out of her mouth.  Perhaps the other 2 questions will just float away with time…  Maybe I can just forgive enough to let them go and no longer wish for the answers… 

      Who would you meet?