It looks the landslide is finally starting to slow down.  I’m picking up the van tonight – $99.00 for the diagnostic test(s), towing, and battery charge.  It turns out Mega Dukes turned all the lights on in the back of the van, and since we didn’t drive it for 2 weeks, no one noticed, nor turned them back off.  It sucks that I essentially paid $100.00 for jumper cables, but 1.) the battery was tested and is completely normal, holding a charge perfectly; 2.) the tow was "free" because of our warranty, and 3.) I now know of about 8 other things that need to be done.  It looks like we’re going to turn around and spend at least $500.00 on some other smaller things that need to be done.  *sigh*  I could always be worse, right?

The boys are still being little terrors, but that’s part of their job.  They’ve not been sleeping very well, and I think it’s mostly due to allergies, so tonight, after two weeks of fighting with them to sleep for more than 6 hours TOTAL – including non-existant naps, we’re going to try Benadryl.  If that works, we’ll get some Claritin and see if that helps Mega.  Bear is still a bit too young for me to feel comfortable giving him something daily, but perhaps it will give me enough leverage to get those damned allergy tests covered by our insurance.  Bear’s pediatrician was willing to do them, but our wonderful insurance company denied to cover them.  At several hundred dollars, I thought maybe we could wait until he turns 2, after all.  It’s not that he’s not worth it, but that it’s a lot of money we just don’t have.  The pediatrician also pointed out that knowing he has seasonal allergies still won’t hel pus much.  Our insurance company prefers weekly or bi-weekly allergy shots at his age and we may have to fight more to get something prescribed for him.  So anyway – we shall see what tonight brings, etc.

In other news – Birth Matters is helping to spread the word about an official license plate to show support for midwifery!  The proposed plate will look like this: Midwiferyplate

  As soon as we get 350 applications, we will submit our official request to DMV and start production.  Woo-hoo!  If you’re interested in ordering a plate, E-mail me for details.