It’s not my fault if my last few posts are riddled with typos.  I can’t stop sneezing long enough to actually look at the screen, and my eyes are so watery that it looks like I am constantly weeping.  Pollen season sucks for me.  Last year, the Singulair was pretty good.  It gave me a headache, but as long as I drank 2 more glasses of water, it seemed to go away.  This year, I can’t make it through a day withour Benadryl.  I would just take the Benadryl all the time except for the drowsiness.  It’s hard to sleep when you’ve got a 3 and 1.5 year old, sure, but even the "non-drowsy" formula makes me really tired. 

          We’ve been playing outside for 2 days and man is it nice!  We had to haul it in early this afternoon because it started to shower, but at least we got some time in the sun and I got caught up on some reading.  I think some of my exhaustion is because I haven’t really had a night to catch up.  We went out last night for a friend’s birthday – had a blast, but didn’t get to sleep until after 2:30.  The boys got up at 7:30, and we were outside playing from about 9-9:15 until just after 11.  They LOVE their new sand and water table.  At some point, I actually will get off my butt and get them some play sand.  I forgot when I bought it, but it wouldn’t have fit in the car anyway.  For now, the water is entertaining enough, but Mega keeps asking about the side for sand.  Clever child…

          I’d love to open the windows, but I just dusted and vacuumed and if I open the windows, every thing will just get covered in yellow dust again.  No bueno.  I guess it’s laundry and reading for us today.  We’re so exciting.  I know you’re jealous.