It must be the end of the world, because this chubby bitch started exercising.  I don’t just mean my usual goofing off and calling it working out, either.  I mean, I actually got the boys in the stroller, leashed the dog, and went for a walk last night.  I got that endorphine rush I got when I ran track (for like, 2 seconds) in high school and it felt really good.  I wanna do it again!  Between the stroller (which is 20+ pounds alone, Bear is 25 pounds, and Mega is probably 35-ish), and the dog, I think even my upper body got a fairly good work-out.  Woot woot!  It’s something I can do even when no one else wants to, doesn’t cost me a dime, the boys really like it, and the dog loves it.  I clocked the route in the car – just over half a mile.  I figure I’ll start there, and after a week or two, make the route twice.  A mile shouldn’t exhaust me, but pushing the 75+ pounds in front of me did a number on my arms, so I need to give them some time to toughen up.  *shakes head*  It’s a damn shame I have to work up to a mile, but you do what you gotta do, right?  Right.  

          I’ll add that the dog did very well on his leash.  For the most part, he stayed on my right side.  A pitt charged us (it was a friendly pitt, and he was just excited), but Master Chief kept his body between the other dog and the babies.  He growled and barked first, which tells me he really needs some puppy socialization, so we will definitely start working on that.  I was very pleased with our pup.  I think he will prove himself a worthy watch dog despite his timid nature.

         In the mean time, stay tuned, we’ll see how long the freeze-over in Hell lasts!  Bwa ha ha ha!!!