I am totally declaring Shenanigans on our former supplier of gas, water, and sewage!  I have been waiting for our latest bill to post (which, by the way covers service from January 19th to February 17th, so we’re still a month and half behind, meaning we’ll still be paying for another month and a half before we’re rid of them!) and today, lo and behold, it did.  It’s double our last bill.  Depsite DH taking laundry to the boat, which means a cut back in water and the gas to heat it, and despite our house never being warmer than 60 degrees, our bill is just under $300.00.  Our usage for water is almost the same as it was the previous month, yet our gas usage is 5 times our water usage.  Explains how that happens when a.) our house is 60 degrees and has been all winter; b.) DH took laundry to the boat and took showers on the boat whenever possible.  $300.00 fucking dollars, and I have at least one, but probably two more bills coming from them…  I think I’m going to be sick.

How the fuck am I supposed to keep giving them $300.00 for two more months when our utilities here will kick in soon, too?  Seriously!




*Excuse the little PSA stuff in between.  This was the most complete video I could find for what I wanted to express.*