Guess what?  I get to file my very first warranty claim!  Our washer won’t drain.  Well, it does, but it drains faster than the pipe will allow (I guess), so each time the washer tries to drain, my mud room gets flooded.  Isn’t that FUN

          In other news, Master Chief can jump baby gates.  He can also wriggle under the tiny part of the fence that is raised.  DH got the dog run up yesterday, so now at least he’s secured in the yard.  He doesn’t like to be out there alone just yet, but I think he will get used to it.  It’s not like we leave him out there all day, but with his habit of not peeing within 10 minutes of you letting him out, I’m not too willing to stand outside for 30+ minutes at 6 AM when it’s 30-something degrees, you know?  So for now, he stays on the run when we’re not out there with him.  At some point, we will get or build him a dog house, too.  He likes his kennel when he’s inside, so that’s cool, too.  He’s not had one accident in the house, and he’s still very sweet.  He is still a bit skittish, but has made drastic improvements since I picked him up.  At some point in the next few days, he’ll get a bath, flea treatment, and head to the vet.  Good times, I tell you.

          The big stuff is done.  The little things are driving me crazy.  We seem to have misplaced all the small nails and random hardware, so picture hanging has not occurred.  The bed is missing hardware (which I took apart, so my bad…) so our mattress is up on the frame, but the actual bed posts and such are still on the floor.  The tiny closests are killing me.  The boys’ clothes don’t fit and there certainly isn’t room for another dresser in there.  I can’t even store the clothes they aren’t wearing in the attic because the attic floor isn’t finished and half the attic is inaccessible because of the damn heat pump and cooling unit…  One of those things I wish I had known, you know?  Put that on the the list of things to ask about the next time…  You know, in like 10 years…

          The old house is almost completely cleaned out.  I have to retrieve my shower curtain and vacuum, but the oven/stove is clean, the counters are spotless, and the bathroom are sparkly and disinfected.  We’re almost completely done with our townhouse!  Wooh!

         The yard needs work.  The leaves are…  plentiful.  The grass is non-existent.  Plenty of work to keep me busy!

       Off I go to call the home warranty company and the vet.  Then we’re off to the commissary, post office, and the townhouse for the last touches.  What a ride!