Did you see that movie that came out about 15 years ago with Tom Hanks?  This house…  Yeah, having flashes of that.  It’s an exaggeration, but still.  We can’t wash our clothes.  The pipe won’t drain the water fast enough to keep up with the washing machine.  We have no window coverings (which means I can’t sleep) and all the windows are odd sizes.  The back door locks don’t line up right, so you have to play with the door to get it to lock.  The dog can escape the fence.  The dog never pees or poops (I swear, he’s a robot!).  There is not a single lighting fixture in any of the 3 bedrooms.  There is no wiring in the ceiling for lighting fixtures, either.  Oy…  So much to do!

        Anyway, still loving it overall.  The dog is getting less skittish and more puppy-like every day.  We’re setting up a dog run today so he can be outside without us and we don’t have to worry about him escaping the fence. 

          Busy, busy days…  I have to clean out the old townhouse, but that’s all about that’s left to do on that end.  I will be glad to be done with that place.  As soon as I get my deposit back, I will will erase them from my mind.  🙂

         Off I go.  Duty calls.