Some of you may have figured out that my blog is on auto-pilot.  I am probably going crazy right now, knowing that I have 50+ E-mails in my inbox, and that I haven’t played a single game on-line in several days, nor have I Googled myself, toyed with something like this, touched base on Cafe Mom, or even, GASP, MySpace.  I am probably sitting in a corner rocking back and forth, but at least, gentle reader will have something to read, right?  Right!

          This whole moving thing?  It’s cleansing.  I seriously dumped out about 15 pounds of paper that we didn’t need, and that was just taking up space in the filing cabinet.  Oh my Force, I just admitted I am 24 and have a freaking filing cabinet…  Holy shit…  Anyway, we also got rid of toys that are no longer age appropriate, clothes that the boys had outgrown that somehow missed my previous round-ups, shoes that no longer fit (because they linger in this house, for some reason), and about a bajillion other things that had either been worn out, were no longer needed, or were just to too shabby a shape to make the move.  We even chucked our poor, abused tea pot.

          Packing has given us a great chance to re-organize, and in some cases, put things in order that were never organized to begin with.  DH is a model box-packer.  I, on the other hand, am a good stager.  Don’t ask me to pack a box.  Seriously.  I can hardly pack a lunch without squishing the sandwich and mashing your apple.  It’s a very, very bad idea to ask me to pack a moving box.  I make up for it with my mad-label writing skills and my uncanny ability to distinguish what is in the box should I forgot to label one.  At least, that’s what I am telling myself.  The move has me feeling very out of sorts and very unproductive.  I hate that feeling.  I hope I’m not getting in the way, and that I am, indeed, making things easier, as opposed to harder.  *sigh* 

          You’re playing those games aren’t you?  You’re probably beating my high scores right now.  GAH!!!  I can’t wait to be settled in and reconnected!!!