By now, you’ve probably all figured out that I love a challenge.  Smirking Cat put forth a highly entertaining challenge: Post a blog using your new Yiddish skillz with the help she so generously provided.  So, while I slave away today (bwa ha ha ha!) at trying to get moved, or at least start the process of moving into the new house, you get to see my attempt at the challenge.

          This move, it has me all fercockt.  Every time they ask me to write another check, it makes me want to hit them in the kishka.  On the other hand, looking at that house just makes me kvell, you know?  It’s ours!

          Anywho, we spent Easter Sunday with mishpocha.  Good times all around, and the boys enjoyed the company, as well as the egg hunt.  Always a good time with LRRH and I are together.  And this time, there wasn’t even any alcohol involved! 

     Your turn!