It’s just a few more days…  A few more days until we’re in our very own home…  OUR VERY OWN HOME!!!  While I admit it’s stressing me out hard core, it’s still pretty exhilarating.  I know the first time I write my mortgage check I will wonder WTF we were thinking, but I will also remind myself that it is worth it.  At the end of the month, we’re building equity rather than contributing to the lump in someone else’s pocket.  My kids will have a yard to play in, where they can swing and run through the sprinkler with their dog.  My husband will have projects and space where he can build a fort, a lawn to mow, a place to wash the vehicles, and trees to prune.  We won’t be sharing walls with anyone, or have to worry about flooding from those shared walls.  My driveway is mine.  I can plant roses or lillies or tulips…  I can plant, period.  It’s     a     space     all     our     own. 

          When I think about that, my stomach gets all knotted, then I get butterflies, and then I get a little light-headed.  This is one of the things DH and I have worked so hard for.  When we wanted to get a wall-mounted plasma TV, we thought about the yard we didn’t have.  When we wanted to get a second loan for another vehicle so DH could have a truck, we thought about being able to paint the walls and not re-paint them white when our lease expired.  When we wanted to fly to Cali just to hang out with friends, we thought about having a 4th of July party in the backyard, watching the kids shriek while they ran through the ice-cold sprinkler.  It sucked, and I kept wondering if the things we were sacrificing were really making  a difference – enough of a difference to get us where we wanted to be. 

           Here we are.  It worked.