My review is brief because the book is brief.  🙂

          For me, this ranks up there with Aldous Huxley’s Brave New World. Our addiction to reality TV and our harder-better-faster attitude will certainly be our undoing if we don’t rein it in and remember the simpler, and most often more enjoyable, pleasures in life. I am very glad I decided to pick up a book I managed to skip in high school when most of my peers recall reading it.

My favorite aspect of the book had to be the The Hound… How creepy! I loved Beatty and almost wish that the Afterword that appeared in my edition had been part of the original book. The Afterword was what made me love Beatty, after all.

I thoroughly enjoyed the book and its eerie prophetic ring.  I only hope we’re not too far gone and that book extinction never comes to pass.