Bear has a double ear infection.  10 days of antibiotics and hopefully, he can go a good 6-8 weeks without another infection, since we were just in on February 8th for an ear infection in his right ear.  I’m not 100% anti-tubes, but I am not friendly toward them, either.  As long as his hearing is okay and his articulation isn’t suffering, I am okay without tubes…  Right now, he is picking up new words left and right, and while he may not be crystal clear, if you ask him to say something, you know what he’s saying.  He’s not a happy camper, but he’s a trooper.  Bear is not the whining type, and he’s doing very well despite a low fever, and assumably, a raging ear ache on both sides. 

          Mega is refusing to take naps, so around…  Oh, 3:30 or 4:00, he goes from the beautiful carriage to the pumpkin.  It’s like Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde I tell you!  Why that child fights nap time, though he is clearly miserable by dinner time, I couldn’t tell you, but if I figure it out, I will be sure to capitalize on it and make money off of the misery of other mothers.  I’m nice like that.  😉

          In just about a week, we will be getting the keys to our first home…  I go over to the new house in about an hour to measure for the refrigerator.  One of the many, many, many things I have learned in the process of buying a house is that refrigerates are not a standard width or depth and it is very possible to order a fridge bigger than the hole it is supposed to go in.  I wouldn’t want to do that, so I am measuring before I purchase.  I will also measure the length of the kitchen walls to ensure optimal placement of the new nook set. 

          Speaking of the nook set…  I was so pleased with myself when I found one for less than $300.00 including shipping and handling.  On the few occassions I could find them in furniture stores locally, they were $800 to $1200 for the same wood and the same size.  Ludicrous!  I thought I could find the pads to cover the benches for an equally great deal, but was I ever wrong!  Those things are another $150 to $200!!!  I guess we’re just going to have to eat fast to avoid sore fannies, eh?  How do people sleep at night charging those prices, I ask you?

          While we’re at it, I’ll just say I am a but upset about our closing costs.  When I got the good faith estimate that broke down each individual charge, it about made my stomach crawl.  It was almost $400 for an appraisal.  $400 for someone to come out and look at my house and figure out how much it’s worth.  Four hundred dollars.  The home inspection was just under $250.00, but to me, that was a worthy investment because that guy actually did something.  He told us of problems we may run into in the future and how far into the future to start looking for them.  That knowledge gave us a bit more bargaining power when we were still negotiating the price of our home.  Seriously, all the nit-picking fees are driving me insane.  When I said I didn’t want to spend any money, I meant it.  I meant it because we don’t have any.  Grrr….

          To avoid being completely sour, I will say that I am highly anticipating the arrival of my best friend from clear across the country.  She’s flying in to help us with the move, and duh, spend time with the most rad woman on earth.  Her ticket price made it a crime for us not to spend time together and I am very grateful that she’s coming.  I have discovered that I suck at packing…  I like to make pretty stacks, but don’t necessarily think about the stack.  For instance…  I put something that is hollow and weighs all of 3 pounds on the bottom of the stack because it’s the widest.  I then place something that’s solid and weighs 20 pounds on top of it because it is narrower…  You can figure out where this is going, right?  I am also the type of packer who would put every single hardback book I own in one box…  It would never occur to me how in the hell I would get that box out of the house, into the truck, and into the new house.  I am hoping that between Nae and Chris, we’ll be able to move without me crushing too many things or giving our helpers hernias.  Hee hee…