Last night was a fabulous "book talk" with Jennifer Block.  She presented what she called the painful truths about childbirth, and yes, I wrote down each one.  You won’t get to see them here, though.  You’ll have to wait until Friday and see them over here, where I will briefly explain/discuss each one.  Woot!  I am already composing from memory and my notes.  I almost never take notes, but thought that this would be something I would want to remember and quote verbatim, and what do you know?  I took notes verbatim.  Hee hee…

          Anyway, she will be making a few other appearances in our neck of the woods, and you can find Ms. Block’s blog here, along with links to things like ICAN, and questions to ask for a mother-friendly birth.  I will definitely be blog-stalking her over the next few weeks while I devour every little snippet on there.  I will call it part of my efforts to expand my horizons and broaden my knowledge base, but we all know it’s blog-stalking.  😉

          All in all, a very worth while couple of hours, and certainly worth the trip back into "the city" this morning for a very enlightened brunch experience.  Thanks, Jennifer Block!  You rock!