We bought a nook set for our kitchen.  It has an open area for eating, but not quite open enough for our current dinette set.  While eating in the actual dining room wouldn’t be so terrible, it’s just not as easy to keep carpet clean as it is to keep tile clean.  The dog can lick the floor clean, but foods tend to get ground into carpet, despite plastic mats and our best efforts not to walk through the food as we clean.  I’m getting more and more excited about the new house and the new dog.  We’ll have plenty of things to keep us busy over the next few weeks, between putting the swing set together, assembling the new nook set, finding the perfect places for furniture, and just adjusting to home ownership.  I still haven’t bought a fridge, but I am working on that this week.  I need to get into the house to measure the spot where the fridge will go before I actually buy something, you know?

          I am trying not to go completely crazy – with no money to spend, that’s easier than I thought it would be, but curtains or some sort of window covering are sort of necessary for my sanity, so I think that will be our next expenditure.  Nothing fancy – probably some cheap $7 to $10 mini blinds for the time being.  I just can’t sleep if the windows are bare – I feel like something someone is peeping at me, and it just makes me positively shake with anxiety.  So yes, as far as I am concerned, covering the bedroom and bathroom windows are a necessity.  Other than that, it will be a very long time before we spend another dime.  It sucks, but it’s also pretty damn satisfying, too.

          A week from Tuesday, we will get the keys to our first home…  SUPER!!!