We spent the day out-of-town with the fam.  The drive wasn’t bad, except for the few people who don’t know or care what a space cushion is, or how to use their turn signals.  The kids were very cooperative in the car, too.  The food was, as usual, fabulous and plentiful.  The company was great, and only one face was missing from the regular crowd.  All in all, it was a helluva celebration. 

          Mega and Bear got a swing set as their housewarming gift from Mammy.  I think I was more excited than they were, but I know as soon as they see it in the backyard, they will be ecstatic.  I got the George Foreman grill I had been dying to have, too.  We cleaned up!  The boys also got quite a haul for Easter, and DH got a wicked spinner necklace that he had been envying.  It’s hard to explain, so we will leave it at that.  Hee hee.

          Anyway, I am dead tired.  The only part that sucked was driving for 5 hours in a single day.  Oh well.  It was worth it.  🙂