Hooray for market improvements!  With the latest developments in the market, our closings costs have been reduced to a figure that we’re very comfortable with.  We may even have enough left over to get the boys a swing set, which Mega has been dying to have, since it seems that "all the other kids have them."  He’s 3 and already, he reminds me that he wants a swing set every time we leave a play group.  Never mind that it’s winter, so we’re indoors and half the time, the kid can’t even see the swing set!  He knows which houses have them and which ones don’t and he never fails to remind me that we’re in the latter category.  Sheesh…

          Once the Federal Reserve meets Tuesday, we will finalize our loan.  Our loan officer thinks that he may be able to get us a slight reduction on the interest rate by Tuesday afternoon.  Every little bit helps when you’re talking about hundreds of thousands of dollars, and in the mean time, we’re still on schedule for closing, so I don’t care.  The appraisal was ordered Tuesday and should be back by next Wednesday.  We’re reserving the moving truck next Tuesday.  We are trying to set up a meeting with the puppy today or tomorrow.  If we don’t get it in then, we have to wait until Sunday and hope no one puts in an application on him when he goes to PetsMart.  *grumble*  If we can keep moving expenses under $200.00, I may hire a cleaning service to clean out the townhouse.  Not because it’s disgusting or anything, but because I won’t have the time to do it with DH’s work schedule.  That whole "10 days for house hunting" the military is supposed to give you only comes into play if it’s convenient for the military.  DH isn’t getting it, so it will be the boys and I during the day, and he’ll be around in the evenings to help.  We’ve got 3 days to get it done, but we work well under pressure.  I can clean the house in the middle of the night, but that leaves a very tired mommy and 2 very energetic little boys…  Anyway, we shall see.

          We’re gonna keep hoping the market improves even more so we can get an even better interest rate!  Less money spent is more money we can save!