The home inspection did not go as well as I had hoped.  While nothing is "wrong," there were definitely some concerns.  For one, the new AC and heat system that was just put in, isn’t the right size.  It was meant for a home up to 1200 square feet and after you add in the enclosed garage and mud/laundry room, we’re just under 1500.  In other words, our system will have to work very hard to keep our house cool in the summer and warm in the winter.

          What we thought was a new roof is actually probably a decade old.  We’re talking 2-3 years, and we need a new roof.  Now, the good thing about being married to someone so handy is that DH can do a lot of the work himself.  There are a few contractors out here that will only charge you what they have to if you remove the old shingles and dispose of them, which we can do.  It wouldn’t cost us the typical $3500 to $5000 to get a new roof, but it’s still more money we need to put into the house in the near future.

          Aside from that, cosmetics.  I also learned we have well access for things like watering the lawn (HA!), filling up the kids’ pool, washing the cars, etc.  That is an unexpected nicety because I was thinking we’d have to skip the kiddie pool because of the added cost of water.  Mega and Bear will be very pleased this Summer, I am sure.  They also threw in the contents of the shed, which includes a lawn mower (that works!).  Having lived in an apartment or other "community" since we got married, DH and I have never had use for a lawn mower, so that’s another $200.00 we don’t have to spend.  We do, however, have to invest in a nice leaf rake.  Our yard is COVERED in leaves and pine needles.  I think we can manage that, though.  Hee hee…

          There is room in front for a small garden…  You know, assuming something miraculous happens and home ownership cures my black thumb.  If nothing else, I’ll plant some hardy bushes and call it a day.  I like the idea of foliage and/or shrubbery in front of my front windows, so just the mulch won’t work for me.  I also plan to pimp the Coast Guard and show my CG pride with a nice big flag on our porch.  Woot woot!

          Eventually, I want to paint the boys’ room.  I’m picturing forest-y green paint from the floor to waist-height and then a dinosaur border…  Maybe some dinosaur wall stickers on the neutral part of the wall (from border to ceiling, it will probably stay beige).  Our room can stay beige…  If we ever have a little girl, her room will be painted lavender from floor to waist height, and have a dragonfly border…  Little dragon and butterflies stenciled on the beige part…  Hee hee…  There is so much potential for this house!  We have enough yard to extend the bedrooms, add a deck, have a swing set, and an above-ground pool…  With room for a grill and walking space!  I am apprehensive, but we made some adjustments to our offer after seeing the roof and heating/cooling issue, and I am pretty comfortable with it.  For what we’re spending, it’s either a true fixer-upper in a safe neighborhood, or a great house in a ghetto.  This is a great house AND a safe neighborhood.  It’s the perfect starting place!!

           I didn’t forget – pictures