No one has asked to view our house since at least October.  This morning, just before we met with the realtor, two agents asked to show the house to prospective buyers…  Dude, this was totally meant to be.  Whee!!!

          Tomorrow is the home inspection.  At some point this week, we have to get power of attorney established, finish our loan, and start packing.  We’re getting boxes from various sources and we’re starting to pack the non-essentials.  Books, summer clothes, most of the toys, entertainment crap-ola, etc.  This whole project is completely daunting…  I am sooo not looking forward to re-organizing, packing, etc.  The good thind is that because we know we’re going to smaller bedrooms, but an overall larger house, we’re already condensing.  It feels very therapuetic – cleansing.  I like it; I love a challenge!

           I thought the hard part was over, but it looks like the ride has just begun.  Hang on, ya’ll!