We changed the offer on the house.  Our original offer was contingent on a few things that didn’t pan out, so we had to regroup and revise.  No fun.  We are anxiously awaiting a phone call to let us know if our offer was accepted, if the seller has a counter-offer, or if we just pissed them off and now they don’t want to deal with us at all…

          I’m going crazy!  I still don’t even know how I am going to move mid-week, in 3 days, let alone boxes and the truck and the kids and cleaning the townhouse out and $$$ and $$$ and more $$$…  I am excited, but drained and anxious and grumpy and just a complete whirlwind of emotions.  In short, I’m goin’ nuckin’ futz over here!  I just wish I knew one way or the other!!!

          If you’re the praying and/or meditating type, we wouldn’t mind some good ju-ju being sent our way.  I really, really love this house and while I know it’s worth the fuss right now, I am still a bit overwhelmed and scared that we won’t even get it.  Think happy thoughts, ya’ll!