I can’t sleep.  I hate not knowing.  We’re supposed to find out if they accept our offer today or tomorrow, and I am really hoping for a decision today.  If I don’t get a yes or no, I’ll be heading to Wally World to get some Tylenol PM.  I have been tossing and turning like mad and getting fewer than 2 hours of sleep per night.  It makes me even more agitated than I am already am!  My nerves are fried!  I need to get out and do something with the kids today, too…  Perhaps we will go to Mega’s favorite place in the whole wide world – the library.  Bear isn’t too fond of it, but he usually soldiers through a short trip and then Mega is entertained for DAYS by the new books.  If I can find the energy, I think we’ll do that.  If nothing else, we can always bum out for the day, right?