I’m a go-getter.  When I see something I want, I find a way to get it… most of the time.  When it’s something I really want or that’s very important to me, it really takes something earth-shattering to make me give up.  Sometimes, it bites me in the ass, but usually, it works out because my determination to get whatever it was carries through into determination to make it work.  Do I make things harder for myself?  Sometimes.  But I am the type of person that would rather struggle to earn the things I want than to sit back and have things I am only somewhat happy with. 

          I know I am stubborn to a fault, and quite frequently so.  I want what I want and I usually want it right then, as in yesterday and even today is too late.  Again, sometimes it’s a good thing.  It puts me into achievement mode – I put all unnecessary things aside to focus my energy on acquisition of the prize.  Call it an "eye of the tiger" phase.  The ‘eye’ phase is bad because it’s when most people tell me all the things I am doing wrong, or could be doing differently, or all the reasons what I want won’t come to me, and anything and everything else negative.  I don’t want to hear it.  Period.  While I know sometimes I need to, after all, as perfect (ha!) as I’d like to think I am, I realize I can’t foresee every possible outcome and consequence and you may have thought of something I didn’t, I still don’t want to hear it.  I’m a go-getter who flies solo.  I don’t like help.  It makes me feel weak and inadequate.  I’d rather have a huge problem come at me completely unexpected and flounder while trying to find a solution than for you to suggest it is coming and ways to get me out of it.  I’m a big girl and I can do it myself!  Hmph…

          Just let me do it!  I want it.  I’ll figure something out, one way or another.  I admit to being single-minded to a fault sometimes, but I always come out okay, dammit.