Clearly, when people write, they often use loaded words to get their point across and to weight their argument in the hopes of tipping the decisive scales in their favor.  What amazes me about this linguistic phenomenon is how much it affects people.  I have the most hits when I write about controversial topics.  My post about pedophilia is still my number #1 Googled post.  How sick is that?  Do you know what is second in queue?  Believe it or not, the post about man-eating penguins!  The search terms are usually heavily-opinionated phrases such as "childlove is normal" or "penguins rock!"  What I find amusing is that I try not to use loaded words or phrases unless I am writing about something I truly feel passionate and closed-minded about.

          Still unsure what I mean?  Here are some examples…

Circumcision versus Genital Mutilation

Pedophilia versus Child Love

Drama Queen versus Attention Whore

Abortion versus Embryonic Murder

          See what I mean?  As much as I am against circumcision, I try to use the medically accepted term, though from where I stand, it is genital mutilation.  I refuse to use the term "child love" because it takes away the criminal-feeling of "pedophile" and demeans a term no parent in their right mind should hesitate to use when describing their healthy relationship with their child.  The English language is truly an amazing beast.  We have one of the most cumbersome languages to master and our grammatic guidelines are mind-boggling…  We have so many words to express dislike, but just one word for love…  You can change the entire meaning of a sentence with the placement of just one comma or the addition or removal of one word.  We have words that sound alike but mean different things, like flew, flue, and flu.  We have words that mean the same thing, but are completely different like hate, loathe, and despise.  We have connotation and denotation, implication and inference, and it becomes dizzying just trying to write a simple, un-biased piece… 

          When I think about it, I like loaded words.  I try to use them sparingly so I don’t get that big "RADICAL" label slapped on me, but maybe that’s not such a bad thing.  It will never be said that I was wishy-washy or that people weren’t sure what went on in my head, right?

          What are some of your favorite loaded words or phrases?