I wouldn’t go so far as to say I am a hater or that I am mad jealous when it comes to the number of children Brangelina now have.  Still, it does irk me a bit.  I have no problem with those who have trying to help those who have not.  Sincerely, I think it’s wonderful.  What bothers me, I suppose, is the manner in which they are helping children in need.  At some point, hasn’t someone told them that they can’t adopt them all?  It seems to be that their money would go further if they set up some sort of foundation to help less-wealthy couples adopt.  So many wonderful families are kicked out of the running because they can’t drop $25,000 to the more likely $40,000+ for an international adoption.  We’ve been over this before, but you may also be excluded by domestic agencies because of your ethnicity (or lack of a certain ethnicity, as was our case), the ability to produce biologial offspring, or simply because the price tag is too great an obstacle. 

          While most of the time, I couldn’t care less about the way people spend their money, I admit that it makes my stomach turn every time I hear how wonderful Brad and Angelina are for adopting children from around the world and adding to their brood with their biological daughter, and now another one (or two) with the help of (allegedly) IVF.  We have two, but originally thought 4 would be our ideal.  We wanted to adopt after Bear came along, but were turned away time and time again either because we couldn’t provide the birth mother with "gifts," because we already had 2 biological children, we weren’t black enough (that came directly from the mouths of two agency workers), and we didn’t have $15,000 to just hand out to someone who may or may not find a baby for us.  It just makes me feel less like you’re actually trying to provide a child in need with a truly stable, loving family, and more like you’re selling babies to the highest, most perfect bidder. 

          To Brad and Angelina – I wish you the best, but I also wish the wealth were spread a bit, you know?  I’m not asking nor would I even dare to think that the two of you hand a check to every family who wants to adopt, but sheesh…  I cringe when I think about adopting again and here you are, making headlines worldwide with your beautiful adoption stories, and now, even more babies…

          *sigh*  It’s just been a rough few days.  I need to stop reading entertainment "news."  LOL