You can read a summary here.  I absolutely loved this book.  I loved Lily and August the most, but I truly liked every character.  T. Ray was likable only because in the end, he did what we all knew he would do.  While even I admit to wishing for a miraculous change of heart, it would have cheapened the whole book because 9 times out of 10, people don’t snap out of it and wake up thinking, "Damn…  I really was an asshole and I need to knock that shit off."  In the end, he was likable for his realness.  I loved August because she was what I have always imagined a mother’s qualities personified should be.  In some ways, Our Lady was too, but August was a tangible embodiment of the Perfect Mother.  I loved Lily for being courageous enough to leave and remaining real when confronted with the truth about her mother.  She didn’t gloss over things, pretending that her mother was a saint, but accepted that she was a real person with real faults, but also with real love.

         I loved May and her fragility.  I hated that she committed suicide, but after the recounting of the suicide of her twin, I was waiting for it.  I loved the idea of a wailing wall built all for oneself – that May thought to take the weight of Atlas from her own shoulders and place them into a rock wall as best she could.  I loved that it was almost sacred; I loved that no one read all the prayers or took all the papers out of the wall after her death.  I loved that they left it just as it was, just like the pink paint on the house.

          The end made me sad only because it was the end.  In some ways, I think a sequel would destroy the story.  While you want things to play out perfectly, if they’re spelled out for you, it’s not as nice as just imaging it for yourself.  I’m not sure I want to read about more hardship for characters I love, either.  All in all, I guess you could call this Chick Lit, but it’s definitely Chick Lit not for the sake of a cry.  It’s a wonderful look at love under the most bizarre of circumstances…  And who couldn’t use reminding that sometimes the people and things we want to love the least are the ones that need it the most?