I finished this book over the weekend.  Overall, I liked it.  There were sections that I couldn’t put it down because I kept waiting for Emma/Anna, Krysia, or Jacob to be caught.  I kept waiting for Emma/Anna to have to bear witness to some serious brutality, etc.  I will freely admit that I was a bit disappointed that there weren’t more conflicts.  While the entire book was about Emma/Anna’s moral conflict, there were very few real, physical conflicts. 

          Our book club for TKG doesn’t meet until the first week of March, so I won’t say much else, other than my feelings about the end…  The end aggravated me.  It sort of left you with room for a whole other book to be written.  Did she reach her destination?  When she got there, did she find what she hoped to find?  What about the journey that would have had to follow?  If there is a second book waiting, or in the process of being written, I can’t be sure I would read it.  On one hand, I want to know.  However, on the other, I sort of feel like I was watching a movie and it cut off right in the middle and now I’m too p*ssed to go back a second time to finish it, you know?

          All in all, an easy, somewhat engaging read.  Not too shabby, but not enthralling, either.