I cut Bear’s hair tonight.  It grows so fast that ever 2-3 weeks, it’s back in his eyes.  The child has the most gorgeous blonde curls I have ever seen, let alone on a male child.  But alas, after cutting back his "bangs" again, he started to look like he was sporting a mullet.  I don’t know about you, but I’m not a fan of the "Business in the front and a paaaarrrttt-eh in the back!" look.  I think it was good that most of us left that trend in the 1980’s.  What breaks my heart is that he lost most of his curl.  As much as he takes after his brother, I can assume they will not ever come back…  It’s just one less thing to make him look like a baby.  I swear, every breath I can almost feel the baby slipping out of him, and the toddler taking its place.  Don’t get wrong – I try to appreciate the rewards and challenges that each age and stage brings, but he’s the baby…  *tear*

          All I can say is, we better have a girl the third time around!  If I can’t have a little head of hair to braid, one of the boys might grow up a very tortured soul…  Bwa ha ha ha!!!