I have two new loves in my wine-life…  Horton’s Peach and Pear Wines…  So sweet and smooth you forget it’s alcoholic, which could lead to very bad things in this house.  😉  They were perfect endings to our Valentine’s dinner of pork tenderloin, scalloped potatoes, and cesaer salad.  Divine, I tell you!

        Anywho, we’ve got a busy day ahead of us.  We’re going to the mall to meet a fellow doula and her children, then have lunch with the MOMS Club members (whoever decides to attend anyway!).  By the time we get home, we’re off to BJ’s for massive quantities of cream cheese and sour cream for the Tastefully Simple open house I am hosting on Sunday.  When we get home from that little trip, the boys will go down for naps, and I will start making oodles of delicious dips and spreads and all kinds of delightful things for Sunday.

          Around 9, we’re leaving for a comedy club with our friends who were kind enough to invite us and even got tickets to a smoke-free show, since yours-truly is High Maintenance and is allergic to smoke.  A friend of ours is watching the boys so that we can enjoy a night out – stellar.  We’re seeing a comic I’ve not heard of, but it will be very nice to be out and about with DH and mutual friends.  I’m excited – will let you know how it turns out (and who, exactly, performed!).