Mega is having a bad sensory day.  He got up this morning screaming that, "It’s too much!  Too much!"  After about a ten minute battle to try to stop his flailing arms, I figured out it was too much clothing – I had to let him strip to his underwear and sit for about 30 minutes…  The meltdowns kept coming during the MOMS Club business meeting…  We’re trying to just keep it low key for the rest of the day and hope he gets over it.  Some days he just wakes up on system overload and most days, he is fine.  Most days, I deal with it better, but I didn’t sleep well last night and that wasn’t helping me stay calm when I heard him at 6:42 this morning screaming like someone was beating him with a bar of soap in a tube sock.  Oy…  Sometimes I feel like he is just a drama-king and other times, I feel so bad for him.  I keep reminding myself that he’s just a bit off when it comes to interpreting the incoming stimulus and that I have to cut him some slack and teach him ways to filter things out and make his world bearable.  Poor kiddo.

          Let’s hope tomorrow is a better day.