There are a very limited number of times when I find my views to be in a grey area.  I am usually an extreme end of the spectrum.  I hate being called a conservative – I favor gay marriage and am very pro-choice, so I’m not ultra-conservative.  I hate being called a bleeding heart liberal – I favor a more rigid immigration policy and the death penalty.  I don’t fall on either extreme when it comes to politics.  While I have always voted Republican, my views tend to be more in line with the Democraps Democrats.  Was that a cheap shot?  I’m sorry. 


*chortle*  At least I make fun of both parties.

But I digress…

When I look at the candidates, I get a little squirrely…  Okay, I freak out!  I don’t like one of them.  Not one.  I hate thinking that my vote is going to someone that I feel to be the lessor of all the evils, you know?

I have spent the past several days researching various candidates – not only through their own web-sites, but through public forums and other sites that document bills and amendments each government official has championed.  When I was looking at Obama’s and Clinton’s site, they gave very general ideas and their breakdown was pretty simplistic.  I liked a lot of what Obama wants to do, but from a cost-management standpoint, I don’t see where all this money would come from.  I can’t stand the idea of Hillary in office, so we won’t touch that one, but I will admit that I did like some of her ideas. 

Having admitted to voting Republican, I will freely admit that I didn’t like quite a few of McCain’s ideas.  For starters, he would overturn Roe v. Wade and give states the power to decide what a woman can or cannot do with her pregnancy.  He would also veto certain bills that would make armor piercing ammunition legal.  He takes the stand that hunters use the ammo and I understand that making it illegal doesn’t keep it out of the country, just makes it a bit harder to get your hands on.  Being married to someone who could be a potential target, I’d like to think armor-piercing rounds aren’t what is being fired at him.  Another huge issue – he would make gay marriage illegal.  I just don’t think that is anyone’s call but the couples’.  Period.  Abortion is a huge issue for me.  While not someone who has walked that path personally, I can see where it could be the best option for many women, in many situations.  While I don’t support a 14 year old’s right to an abortion without parental consent, I also don’t support banning it completely.  Gay marriage is a big deal for me, not as a homosexual, but because to me, it’s about equality.  If someone assaulting a gay man leaving a gay bar is a hate crime and not just "assault", not allowing that same gay man to marry seems like discrimination.  You preclude them from many privileges by refusing them the right to marry, and you’re refusing them simply because they are homosexual.  How isn’t it discriminatory?  Since when did marriage become something elitist?

Anywho…  I am really trippin’ about the next Presidential election.  I’ve actually lost sleep over it.  One way or another, I have to find a candidate that won’t make me sick to my stomach to support.  While I don’t think any vote is a wasted vote, I think that, like the last election, voting for an independent or candidate other than the Dem. or Rep. majority will be fruitless.  It will come to those two…  Period.  I’d hate to see the one who makes me upchuck in office and know that I didn’t vote ‘against’ him or her…

Ow…  My head hurts…

What are the most important issues you will be looking at in the next Presidential election?