Do you know why turn signals are not optional equipment on new vehicles?  Because they’re supposed to be USED all the time!!!   Changing lanes?  Use your turn signal?  Planning on turning left at the next light?  Use your turn signal.  Why is this so freaking hard for some people?  I don’t get it!

          Having no depth perception, it isn’t always easy for me to see that you’re just slamming on your brakes because your turn is 10 feet away and you didn’t realize it because you were sending a text message, rummaging in your glove box for that elusive pen, or applying lip gloss.  At least if you singal, I know you’re either going to get out of my way, or stop in the near future to turn.

          While we’re at it, what happened to the space cushion?  I don’t leave 3 car lengths to allow you just enough room to cut in front of me, especially when there is 1/2 a mile behind me!  WTF?  What makes where you are going so much more important than where I am going?  Is being one more car ahead really going to make that much of a difference?