Along with no raising my voice when disciplining the children, not being so sensitive, and about a million other "bad" things about me, I am/have been working on a more positive body image. DH and I desperately want a daughter and when I think that maybe she would grow up feeling ugly, fat, or otherwise undesirable because of the way her mother talks/talked about her body, it breaks my heart.  More immediately, I don’t want my boys to grow up thinking poorly about women or women’s bodies that don’t necessarily fall into the maidenform category, you know?  So anyway, I have been religiously looking at The Shape of a Mother, or SOAM, and trying to get the cajones to post my own post-baby-bod pictures, or even just my story.  So far, no dice, but I feel myself edging closer.  It was there that I discovered this.  It’s a pledge that you will love your body.  So today, in keeping with the pledge and Bonnie’s request, I will cave and admit to loving two things about my body…  As soon as I stop over-analyzing it and condemning it, that is. 


I like my small, delicate wrists and the tiny hands that are attached to them.  While they often ache from tedious tasks like washing dishes and folding laundry, they also stroke my babies’ heads, comfort upset babes, and snuggle DH.

I like my legs…  For the most part (come on, you knew I couldn’t totally compliment myself!).  For a girl who is "25 pounds overweight" for her height, I have very shapely legs.

Your turn!