I finished the book yesterday.  I told myself I wasn’t allowed to watch the movie until I did, and then it dawned on me…  I used to watch that movie probably once a month and I haven’t watched it since gram died.  It was one more thing that made me think of her and I just couldn’t do it.  While I was itching to watch it again as I read the book, I am not sure I could get through it even now.  The theme song keeps playing through my head, threatening to make me cry and I push it away…

          Overall, I enjoyed the book.  A leisurely read, it took me less than 4 days to complete it.  I did have to check the times things occurred a few times, but didn’t have to look back for any other reason.  I don’t typically enjoy such broken reading, but the story was so cohesive that the time jumps and different focal characters didn’t bother me.  I think part of that was due to my having seen the movie before reading the book.  It made it easier for me to envision characters and keep them straight, though there were people in the book never mentioned in the movie.

          Since our official book club doesn’t mean for another week, I will only say one more thing.  I liked the way the movie ended better than the way the book ended.  The casting of the movie was perfect – every character fit in physical appearance, dialect, and general attitude.  I think if I can ever get myself to watch the movie again, I will love it all the more.