I feel like I just got picked first for Dodgeball on PE day or something…  SQUEE!!!   I got tagged by The Unstable Blogger, and so I shall follow the rules, because I would hate to incur bad cyber-karma.  🙂 

The rules:

Link to the person who tagged you.
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Share six non-important things/habits/quirks about yourself.
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Person Who Tagged Me = The Unstable Blogger
Rules posted – Roger.
So now for my 6 random thingies…

1. I have a fear of humanity coming to a screeching halt and because of my weird body, being one of the few survivors, but instead of thriving and helping to re-build civilization, I die within 48 hours because I have no survival skills and the zombies will EAT ME FIRST because I can’t run fast and would be viciously (though not efficiently, I am sure) protecting my children if they survived, too, and I would be doing it alone because DH would have been trying to save other people and he would have been killed too, and OMG can you tell I just saw "I Am Legend?"  *breathe*  Seriously, it is a fear of mine and I think about it all the time.

2. When I was in middle school, a few friends and I started a roller hockey league.  I never learned how to stop on my roller blades.  I still have the same pair of skates, they still fit, and I still can’t stop.

3. I cannot fall asleep without the TV on.  It has to be damn-near muted and I always set the sleep timer.  The light bugs me, but I can’t manage to fall asleep without it no matter how tired I am.

4. I delivered my first child completely free of pain medication and my second with only a half dose of Nubain…  Yet I scream and/or cry when I stub my toe or get a wicked paper cut.

5.  I have to wash my hair and body quickly in the shower.  If I don’t the soap bubbles make me feel like I need to rip my skin off. 

6. When I read, a set a time limit.  "I’m going to finish this book in 8 days."  I then divide the number of pages in the book by 8 and mark each section.  If a section falls in mid-chapter, I finish the chapter and adjust the average number of pages again.  I am so OCD it hurts sometimes.

WOOH!!!  So now I get to ‘tag’ 3 people.

I wish to tag: Nae, Issy, Dawn, and DH…  Do it, fools!