I know I never say, "DH left for a deployment today," but DH came home yesterday!  Woot!  His birthday was on the 10th, so I made him a lasagna and a cake and invited some friends over.  He knew about the food, but not about the people.  Hee hee…  We stuffed our faces, had some wine, played Scattergories, and then played Rummy before calling it a night.  Good times, good times.

          Mega is very happy to have his daddy home, and Bear can’t wait for him to leave again.  Every time DH got near me, Bear gave him the evil eye and screamed bloody murder if he saw DH actually make physical contact with me.  He is very protective of his momma, and apparently, he views DH as a threat.  I have a feeling he will get over it very soon.  In fact, I bet as soon as he can spend more than a few hours with him and DH and Mega get down on the floor and wrestle with him, he will be over it.  He has always had a preference for Mommy, but I blame that on him being a Boob Baby for the first 7 months of his life.  Mega has always been a Daddy’s boy, so it evens out.  Mega was very upset when he got up this morning and DH was already at work.  I knew that was going to make for a rough day, but I prepared!  We’re going to an indoor park for a lunch-n-play-date this afternoon to help make the time go by a bit faster for him.  We made a paper chain to help Mega visualize the passing of time, and when he got up this morning he said, "But Mumma, there’s no more chains!  Where’s my Daddy?"  It about broke my heart, I tell you!  I explained to him that Daddy was at work and would be home this evening, but he cried anyway.  *shrug*  He’s 3.  Every little thing is dramatic.  I just hugged him and told him it would be okay.  Poor kid.  *sigh*

          Anyway, off we go to get a snack and hang out until noon when we head out for our play date.  I’m so happy DH is home!  YIPPEE!!!