I was going to do a post highlighting the year, but that was too much work.  Let’s face it – in the 2 hours my boys are in their rooms "napping," I have to fold laundry, clean a cat box and sometimes a gerbil cage, get dishes cleaned and put away, make a nutritious dinner the boys will eat, change out sheets and towels, vacuum, sweep and mop the kitchen, clean countertops, clean the fish tank, wash and dry the clothes, sheets, and towels, sweep the porch (I do that once a week otherwise we’re wading through leaves and slugs – gross!), take out the trash, and whatever else is demanding my time.  While not all of those things are daily chores, you get the idea.  I would prefer not to spend my 2 hours of baby free-ness sitting in front of the computer, even though, I love you, dear innernets.  I would go crazy without you.  After all, I wouldn’t have a husband 8 months out of the year without E-mail.

          Anyway, let’s just say that this year was…  eventful.  Yes, eventful, interesting, and very tiring!  There were more low lights than high, and I am seriously hoping that 2008 will be more prosperous, less stressful, and will give me more time with my husband, too!  I am not holding my breath since it looks like our dreams of having shore duty by the end of Spring are being dashed into tiny little pieces by the No-Land and the good ol’ Coast Guard, but a girl can hope.  Now if we can just find a decent house in a nice neighborhood…