I admit to being green when it comes to all this blogging stuff.  I have seen "digg it" tags all over other peoples’ blogs, but thought it was reserved for the elite members of the blogging community.  And then lo!  That post, you know the one about mutilation of infant genitalia?  (So much for me trying to fight fair and not use inflammatory language, eh?  Heh heh…)  It got dugg!  That’s probably not even the proper term, but it did!  And there are comments and stuff about my little post, too!

          When it comes to things relating to birth, I have always felt that even if I only get someone to read the post, walk away in a huff about my "narrow-mindedness" or "ignorance," and they spout off to someone else who actually thinks about it and maybe even does something, it’s all good.  Clearly, with the numbers that post is pulling, circumcision is a hot topic right now.  As of December 2005, 16 states have stopped funding cricumcision through MedicAid. 

"Routine, non-therapeutic infant circumcision costs taxpayers up to $70 million annually, according to the American Academy of Pediatrics. Costs are more when payments for complications and extended hospital stays are included. Sixteen states reallocate millions of dollars each year by not funding infant circumcision – Arizona, California, Florida, Idaho, Louisiana, Maine, Minnesota, Mississippi, Missouri, Montana, Nevada, North Carolina, North Dakota, Oregon, Utah, and Washington."

          I hope that the people searching for answers and/or trying to decide if they should circumcise their son are finding what they need to make an educated decision.

Here are some more resources that I hope will help parents come to the right decision for their families.


Circumcision Information and Resource Pages

Internet Resources – Infant Circumcision Links

Support Groups

  • Doctors Opposing Circumcision, DOC offers support and advice for health-care professionals who seek to stop the socially sanctioned genital mutilation of minors. George C. Denniston, MD, MPH, 2442 NW Market St., Suite 42, Seattle, WA 98107.
  • Nurses for the Rights of the Child, a national, locally based non-profit organization to protect unconsenting infants and children from the surgical alteration of their genitals. Mary Conant, RN, and Betty Katz Sperlich, RN, founders. In October 1992, twenty-four maternal-child nurses at St. Vincent Hospital, Santa Fe, New Mexico, declared themselves conscientious objectors to infant circumcision. Circ Info Network 950606
  • National Organization of Circumcision Information Resource Centers at (415) 488-9883, fax (415) 488-9660. For written information, write NOCIRC, PO Box 2512, San Anselmo, CA 94979, with SASE and/or donation if possible.
  • Childbirth Education Foundation, PO Box 5 Richboro, PA 18954, (215) 357-2792, e-mail: jperon@delphi.com . "We are regarded as authorities on care of the young uncircumcised child."
  • National Organization to Halt the Abuse and Routine Mutilation of Males NOHARMM PO Box 460795, San Francisco, CA 94146-0795, Tel/Fax (415) 826-9351. NOHARMM is an affiliation of NOCIRC. Other affiliations UNCIRC (UNCircumcising Information and Resources Center).
  • National Organization of Restoring Men NORM, 3205 Northwood Dr., Suite 209, Concord, CA 94520, (510) 827-4077.
  • The Intact Network is an assembly of intact men networking to save infants and children from destructive genital surgery. We are joined together to help end the intense pain, trauma, terror and suffering which is a perversion called circumcision. The Intact Network, 4848 South Highland Dr. #632, Salt Lake City, UT 84117 U.S.A. E-mail address: intacnet@dmrtc.net
  • Jewish Support Groups for Intact Babies Circumcision Resource Center
    • , "Membership in a religion is not an immunization from problems resulting from activities like circumcision. The percentage of Jews in the National Organization of Restoring Men exceeds the fraction of Jews in the general population by several times. Religious parents who are concerned about the various negatives surrounding circumcision might seek information from the CRC, PO Box 232, Boston MA 02133, (617) 523-0088." –Negative Aspects of Routine Infant Circumcision
    • Helen Bryce, Alternative Bris Support Group, (408) 475-3313.
    • Moshe Rothenberg, 514 Ocean Pkwy #2K, Brooklyn, NY 11230, (708) 859-0650.