The next time you think a 30%+ C-section rate in our country is okay, maybe you should talk to a mother who had a C-section against her will.  While walking in the door of an OB’s office and asking for the knife will never be my cup of tea, I will never deny a woman that right as long as she truly understands what she is in for.  Not every woman leaves the hospital a satisfied customer after their cesarean birth.  This woman is featured in Jennifers Block’s Pushed: The Painful Truth About Childbirth and Modern Maternity Care.  Clearly, she was not okay with the way her second child came into the world.  Why should we make such memorable days nightmares for women who actively spoke up against such a path?  Would you be okay if you had to wait over 5 hours to see your baby after a surgery you didn’t want? 

          On a side note…  Jennifer Block will be here in March at a Birth Matters event.  I am looking forward to attending and am ordering the book from Amazon so I can keep up with the panel discussion.  I will let you know how the book is.