You know, I try very hard to see from another’s perspective when presented respectfully.  While you may not change my mind, I will listen to you and perhaps be enlightened regarding aspects of a situation I had not previously thought of.  Truly, I am not a person to say, "F*ck you, you’re wrong, and I am right and here’s why."

          But you know what pisses me off?  I mean what really just gets my goat?  When you’re having a discussion or even a passionate debate and people will still only see their ugly, nasty little corner.  Just because the rest of us aren’t stewing in your corners doesn’t make us assholes.  Just like you, we feel the way we do for reasons that are very valid to us.  You may think we are over-reacting whereas we feel we’re handling the situation quiet well considering how hard it hits us.  Very, very few things in this world are truly black or white.  Without the grey, things would be boring anyway.  So WTF does it matter that I don’t see your black as perfect?  Perhaps your black and my white could create a damn-near perfect solution if you just stopped playing your, "Woe is me!" card long enough to see the other hands…

          It really chaps my ass when people try so damn hard to paint you into a corner.  It makes me just want to rip them a new one until I step back, catch my breath, and realize that they’re too silly to even realize they’re already making themselves look bad.  When you keep beating a dead horse, sooner or later, even the village idiot stops being amused by your rhetoric.  It’s even less amusing when the person your tirade is directed at has made it clear that they are no longer participating in the debate.

          This is why I won’t be commenting on blogs so much any more.  It has nothing to do with me not being able to back up my statements, but more with the fact that I can’t stand it when people feel the need to personally filet someone else for their opinions.  Don’t worry – for those of you I peep at regularly, I will still be there!  I will just be a fabled lurker now.  *peek*