This is a real circumcision.  It is not a dramatization.  This is truly how it is done.  Doctors like to tell new parents that newborns don’t feel pain.  It sounds to me like this little soldier feels the instant they clamp his foreskin, but you know, he could be over-reacting, right?  Besides, it’s not like he will remember it even if he does feel it, right?  It’s not like he just went through the athletic event that was his birth, either.  Seriously, if this isn’t just silly and downright barbaric, I don’t know what is!  I was crying less than 2 minutes into the video!  I couldn’t take hearing that poor, defenseless, newborn cry that way!  Clearly, something was wrong with his little world!!

In 1999, the American Academy of Pediatrics changed their views and recommendations regarding circumcision after 40 years of research.  The findings?  That circumcision did not truly offer enough benefits to be recommended by the AAP.  They also added that should parents make the informed decision to circumcise their child, pain medication is a must.  In case you thought otherwise, circumcision is most often performed without any sort of pain-numbing medication. 

Dr. Sears says, "The skin of the penis of a newborn baby has pain receptors completely sensitive to clamping and cutting.  The myth that newborns do not feel pain came from the observation that newborns sometimes withdraw into a deep sleep toward the end of the operation. This does not mean that they do not feel pain.  Falling into a deep sleep is a retreat mechanism, a withdrawal reaction as a consequence of overwhelming pain.  Not only does circumcision cause pain in the penis, the newborns’ overall physiology is upset."

You can check out this site for more information about keeping your baby boy intact.  Think about it – why would nature give you something that had to be cut off at birth?  Even the umbilical cord and placenta would detach on their own in time.