Last night I had a great time with my neighbors.  I acted like, *gasp* a 23 year old.  It was *as Borat would say* a "great success."  Heh…

          Today I am going out with 2 other lovely ladies to go shopping at the outlets while LRRH watches my babies.  I am trying not to spend any money (unless I can find a sweater or two for winter).  I just need to get out for a while without the boys and be an adult, and not just a mom.  I don’t mean "just" a mom because what better label (for lack of a better word) is there, but I am trying very hard to reclaim some autonomy and things like this seem to be the best way for me to do that.  Being a doula has helped tremendously, but that’s not an every day thing.  Small things like this are great reminders to myself that there is still just *me.*

          I’m more than DH’s wife, Mega and Skeeter’s mom, my mother’s daughter, and sometimes, even a decent friend.  I’m still me, and even though that me has changed over the years, and isn’t in the greatest shape right now, I’m still there.  Somewhere, far below all the drama, bullsh*t, and tears there is still a me.