I woke up around 3 this morning in a cold sweat, shaking like crazy.  I showered (because I was drenched from the cold sweat) and realized even though I was freezing (even after the shower!), my skin was burning up.  My shower wasn’t that hot…  103 fever.

          So I am carrying my happy rear-end to the doctor this morning…  with the boys…  Hoping it’s not tonsillitis, but it hurts like crazy to swallow and my tonsils are the size of ping-pong balls.  I haven’t eaten anything (which isn’t helping how I feel) because it hurts to freaking bad to swallow!  Yesterday, I was feeling better!  What happened?!  I was sure it was just running the heater and drying out from the drop in overall humidity and when I felt so much better after starting our humidifiers, I was sure I wasn’t really sick, just crappy from the drastic weather chages!  Ugh…

          Here’s to hoping it’s not tonsillitis!