*drum roll*  TONSILLITIS!  The good: I’m not contagious and it’s probably on its way out.  The bad: I can’t take anything because I am allergic to all the most helpful drugs for tonsillitis.  The ugly: My doctor tried to prescribe several of the drugs I am allergic to and wants me to resume taking an allergy medication that I told him more than one time, gave me migraines and bloody noses for TWO MONTHS.  It’s not like I just gave up and said, "Well, this makes me feel even worse, but let’s not try to overcome the side effects."  Who wants bloody noses and migraines on top of tonsils so swollen they look like they’re slow dancing together in my mouth, a throat that hurts when I think of swallowing, and a voice that sounds like an old man afflicted with emphysema?  Thanks, but no.  I am also highly averse to taking a drug every single day, especially when I truly feel I only need it when the pollen is at its worst.  This is the third time I have seen this doctor and only the first time was I even mildly comfortable with him.  The attempt to prescribe drugs that are already flagged in my chart thing was very unsettling.  I wouldn’t even have known I was allergic to something in one of them had someone else not said, "Oh yeah, that has codeine in it." 

          I am now actively searching for another dupe generous soul to accept our insurance and get me healthy!  Not so much for right now, but I have this weird foot thing that will most likely require another out-patient surgery once another, smaller issue is corrected.  It’s annoying at best and very uncomfortable in shoes and sometimes even socks, at worst.  I’d really like to not have to cry after walking for half an hour, you know?

          Hopefully I will be back to my loud, obnoxious self in a few days.  I hate being sick.  The whispering thing is getting very old, too.  Did you know toddlers can only hear a whisper when it’s actually done in their ears?  And then, well then you’re just speaking a foreign language!  You can imagine how chaotic this day has been with me not being able to speak above a whisper and the boys feeling like that, in turn, means they can shout to make up for the lost noise, all the while, completely ignoring what I actually did whisper to them…  Ugh…  I need a nap.