I have come to the crushing realization that my boys have a busier, more active social calendar than DH and I do.  We always have to get a sitter, which limits our activites anyway, but serisously, when people ask, "When is good for you?"  I consult the calendar to see what the boys have going on!

          This week we’ve got a co-op meeting, a lunch play date, a late-morning play group, a Christmas party, and a trip to the outlets!  WHEW!  In all fairness, the shopping trip is supposed to be sans bambinos, but it is still organized through the MOMS Club, so it sort of falls under social activity prompted by the boys, you know?

          Next week is a cookie exchange, more play dates, making cookies and candies with the fam, and LRRH’s company Christmas party.  The Christmas party should make for some interesting blog material to say the least.  😉  Bwa ha ha ha.

           At least going out with the boys doesn’t involve bar tabs or drunken stupidity, right?