The fury indeed!  I am not a genius by any means, but I am pretty well educated and have never really had a problem with reading comprehension.  The only time I have struggled with making sense of written material is T.S. Elliott, and other poems.  Seriously, The Sound and The Fury is driving me insane.  It is taking me forever to complete because there is no punctuation in the book.  I have to read, re-read, and then re-re-read each page to try to make sense of it all.  There were 3 pages with nary a mark of punctuation!!  THREE PAGES! 

          I admit using tools such as Spark Notes to help me make sense of the things I read.  However, I read the book first.  I attempt to glean as much as I can on my own and then if there are things I questioned and never answered, or that I heard others got from the book that I did not, I take another look.  With this book, I am sooo tempted to just read the plot synopsis and be done with it.  I have gathered that it is told by different people, that the timeline jumps, that there are memories strewn in without any indication that you are moving back in time, or even when you move back to the present.  However, I have no clue what relationships the characters have with each other, if my ideas about the main character are accurate, or even where all of this seemingly random information is going. 

          Typically when I am half-way through a book, even if I hate the book, I am ready to finish it and get it over with.  Every time I pick this book up, it’s like the weight of Atlas.  What an excruciating read!  Perhaps I should have gotten a different version – one that was edited and not the "original" transcription.  My word!

          If and when I ever finish the book, barring some neat and tidy summary at the very end, you can be sure I will be suring the web to find out what exactly I should have taken from this book.  If and when that ever happens, I will be sure to share it with you all.