Maybe it’s the control freak in me.  Maybe it’s the financial freak in me.  Our gas, water, and sewage bill has still not been posted.  After my letter and a phone call, there is still no bill.  It drives me crazy to think that we’re sitting in the house, not going anywhere, not doing anything, for fear of using what’s left of the gas in the car because I have no idea how much our water bill will be and I refuse to pay for utilities on credit cards.  What about the billing process takes 23 days?!  Isn’t that sort of your job as a utility company?! 

          My last bill was due on the 25th of October.  It’s the 27th of November, so when will this bill even be due?  Did I miss something?  At first, I thought maybe I was looking at our old account.  I double-checked the account numbers, and again, even the last billing date was October 25th and the last meter reading was the 4th of November, so it’s definitely the right account.

          It’s bad enough that we’re struggling financially without having to stay home even from free play groups and the library because one freaking bill takes forever to post and leaves me only a day or two to pay.  We have a gas budget for the cars, and we’re at our limit for that.  I set aside money for this stupid bill, and I usually over-estimate a bit to keep on the safe side.  If I don’t have to send ‘x’ for that bill, I could put what’s left over in the gas tank and take the kids somewhere fun!  See the problem?  Grrrr…..