Yesterday, a friend of mine got married.  We’ve known each other since high school; for almost 8 years we’ve been friends.  We went to Florida together my junior year.  We shared a double bed and I found out first hand that she sometimes sleeps with her eyes open.  She was there when I stopped breathing because I was reacting to cigarette smoke.  When the theatre department produced The Wizard of Oz, she was one of the munchkins to greet me.  She did my hair for Ring Dance, Prom, and my own wedding day.  I looked fabulous every time, and no one else was rocking my hair style! 

          When my friends start to date someone new, I don’t like them.  It doesn’t matter if I have known the guy for a year or two, or even if he’s been in our circle of friends.  I don’t like him because now he has the potential to seriously hurt someone I care about.  Sometimes, I am just an ass and I forget to let go of that.  I forget that my friends are my friends because we’re all strong and can take care of ourselves with a little kick in the ass help from each other every now and then.

          If she’s happy, I am happy.  She’s no dummy.  She’s not going to marry a shmuck.  She looked more beautiful yesterday than I have ever seen her, and she’s gorgeous on any given day!  She was just positively radiant.  That sort of radiance only comes from happiness, security, and love.  I am so glad I got to be there when my fabulous friend committed her life to that wonderful man.  I wish them nothing but the best in their life together!