This time of year always makes me dig a little deeper in my pockets and think about those who don’t have anything to dig out.  Since DH and I got married, we’ve always donated a toy to Toys for Tots.  I didn’t see any handsome Marines on The Biggest Shopping Day of the Year, nor their little boxes and it made me a bit sad.  Why miss out on the biggest shopping day of the year?

          It also made me pause to think about what I was going to do this year.  Our church participates in Operation Christmas Child.  You fill a shoebox – toys, hygiene items, clothing, etc., and send it to a child in need.  It takes only a few minutes to get the items and gift wrap your box.  It takes only a few dollars to send it on its merry little way.  There are drop-off locations all over, and many churches that are not listed will also take your boxes.  Some locations will accept boxes year-round, while others have a specific cut-off date.  If that’s too much, you can make it even easier on yourself with EZ-Give.  A box will be sent for you!  You don’t even have to leave the house!

          With technology, giving to those in need has never been easier.  You can click from the comfort of your home and make someone’s life a little easier, or make a child smile.